01 June 2009

Testicle Festival

For the last six or seven years in Woodruff, Utah, we have enjoyed an annual celebration of the mighty Rocky Mountain Oyster, the bovine testicle. I had my first experience with the "oyster" last year, and went back again this year to share the experience with my neighbors and folks from outside the area drawn by our new tradition.

This meal, with a few deviations from my ordinary diet of meats, healthy fats, nuts & berries, lower-carbohydrate vegetables and fruits, and no processed sugars/carbs, was all about "community." That is a good enough reason for it to show up today in our blog as a bit of a guilty pleasure.


Laura, Sans Testis said...

"We only barter with Seminoles fans."

I was considering the overall title to this blog, and the subject of your latest blog, and I was slightly grossed out all the sudden.

Always enjoy your Test-Fest footage.

Stephanie said...

"I was considering the overall title to this blog..."

Eeek, Laura. What does this say about me? Mark!!??

Mark Lee said...

Re: The blog title dilemma.

I shall answer promptly, so you're not left dangling. Someone has eaten an "oyster" somewhere, ergo we're all nuts.

Steph, get here and partake. I shall be your nut and you will be mine.

Northern Nuts! said...

Mark, even with you NOT photo-shopping me thinner, I loved the video!

Mark Lee said...

Yay! I'll get you a DVD version of it ASAP.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that the phrase in Guaraní (Paraguayan Amerindian language) for "my best friend" literally means "my left testicle." We're all good friends here, right?

Vern Hopkin

Mark Lee said...

I hope so. Certainly many of us are nuts.