19 February 2010

Lenten Season and Primal Eating

Whether or not one happens to be religiously inclined, religious seasons can be good opportunities to rededicate. Stephanie, who is Jewish, and I, a religiously mediocre Catholic, are taking advantage of the Lenten season - a forty day period of "purification and enlightenment" - to engage in some dietary refocusing.

What's "primal eating?" Steph introduced the subject here, and we went into a little more detail here and here. Basicially it's a practice based on the philosophy that we evolved to eat certain things (such as wild meat, nuts, berries, leafy vegetables), and not others (agricultural grains, processed carbohydrates). I must be truthful and confess that dairy is pooh-poohed by the strictly Primal people, but I won't give it up, and I'm not nearly as rigorous as a great many committed primalists, but I'm going to try for Lent. And I'm looking forward to doing it in solidarity with a partner.